Revive Community


Revive Community of Virginia is excited to announce that beginning on October the 14th we will launch the Homie ClosetThis year for our GRAND OPENING we have partnered with GLOW, curiosity of our partners at Calvary Revival Church, as a part of their community give back activation initiative to provide clothing and hygiene products to HUNDREDS of Homies. 

How Can You Help?

Presently, we are in need of fall apparel in all sizes and a specific number of men’s clothing items. Please view the check list for the specific items requested.

 In addition to this we are formally requesting donations of hygiene materials:

Join The Village!

We are in need of a core team to assist us with Homie Closet after the launch date. Our goal is to host Homie Closet, every first, second, and third Saturday during Feed the City—our bi-weekly resource festival. To sign up, press the button below.