Revive Community


Revive Community of Virginia (REVIVE) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia. Programming for Revive first began on November 30, 2017, and Revive was officially incorporated on January 29, 2021.




 Our mission is to build healthy, self-supporting communities through access, collaboration and care. We provide access to the four essentials: Healthy Food Options, Affordable Healthcare Services, Education, and Financial Literacy. We are able to achieve this by collaborating with like-minded organizations to provide Care for ALL in the Hampton Roads region. 

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Our Vision is to provide a safe, collaborative environment for all individuals to access the care that they need across racial, generational, and class lines. 


There was a man who once lived in extreme poverty. His family lived in a one-room home that was no larger than a shed. The only way that he was able to escape this vicious cycle of poverty was through the care and support of his family, friends and even strangers. This was a community that gave his family access to food, books for education, and an open door to the world that existed outside the limitations of his condition. If not for his faithful village, the man would have never overcome his adversities. This is not a fictional story or a fairy tale. This is the story of Courtney McBath, the founder of Revive Community of Virginia.


(1) COLLABORATION WITH OTHERS: Through partnerships with both affiliated organizations and other non-profit organizations around the globe… In what ways do you partner? How do the partnerships benefit the community?

(2) ACCESS TO RESOURCES:  Facilitate connectivity to various resources via mobile transportation and shuttle services. Enable online access to essential resources through donated equipment and complimentary internet services. Provide opportunities for engagement in workshops, training sessions, mental health screenings, affordable healthcare, and performing arts by utilizing facility amenities and fostering collaborations with partner organizations. Ensure accessibility to vital life necessities, including nutritious foods and essential materials like toiletries, through pop-up distributions and our bi-weekly Feed the City Saturdays program—a festival of resources. Offer community-at-large the utilization of 131,000 sq/ft. of facility space.

(3) CARE FOR ALL: Revive’s primary focus is to support vulnerable populations lacking access to resources, regardless of race, creed, nationality, orientation, or age.