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Reach NFK 2023


Reach NFK | 04. 22. 2023 


Reach NFK was a collaborative intuitive hosted by Revive Community of Virgnia, in partnership with Calvary Revival Church, and others, to engage in relevant and random acts of kindness across the city of Norfolk.  

Our joint intuitive targeted individuals in every socioeconomic group from providing resources to individuals and families in need to offering social and psychological support to Homies across the city.  

Our strategically stationed villagers were at local laundromats, coffee shops, juice bars, and more. They bought laundry for people, paid for people’s orders, handed out gift cards or offered to cover individuals’ tabs at various service locations.  

In addition to this, in partnership with Calvary Revival Church, we hosted our first ever feed- the city market located at 5833 Poplar Hall Drive in Norfolk VA—a free urban farmers market open to the public to shop for fresh produce and non-perishable items and clothing.    

To learn more about our Feed the City intuitive hosted in partnership with CRC, press the button below.