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Summer Homies 2022

 Beginning in 2022, every summer we partner with local community partners and sponsors to host a community resource festival, aka “Summer Homies.” 

Inspired by the proud legacy of our founder Dr. B. Courtney McBath, Summer Homies embodies the spirit of community, service, and working together to address the concerns of our most vulnerable community members while working together to remove any type of barrier that could prevent Homies from accessing critical resources.   

Our Summer Homies program is designed to meet the complex needs of underserved, displaced, and underrepresented populations in Hampton Roads. Our program is unique and offers a wide array of holistic services. These services include but are not limited to hygiene and grooming services, hot showers, live cooking demonstrations, access to medical screenings and more! 

Our goal for 2022 was to serve between 500 and 1,000 individuals during our one-day program. Not only where we able to meet our goal but, we were also able to successfully mobilize hundreds of villagers, aka (volunteers), and partner with a wide array of community resource providers to serve our target populations. Check out our page for Summer Homies 2023, here to see our growth. 

Summer Homies 2022 may be over but we still need your support!  

How Can You Help?

Make A Donation

Contributions help us expand our services and programing to remove barriers for individuals needing critical resources.


To create a home where our homies are, it takes a villageVillagers play critical roles in every aspect of the program. From planning to execution your support is vital to the success of Summer Homies.   

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Our core values are collaborationaccess and care. We are currently searching for resource partners to help us meet the growing needs to the community to provide care for ALL

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